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Siem Reap & Angkor Wat

TL;DR for our Siem Reap:

  • Photos of Siem Reap & Angkor Wat
  • Favorite Moments: Dwarf stories in Angkor Wat, watching coffee breaks on the river
  • Walked:
    Here: 65,087 steps / ~33 miles
    in Total: 3,917,648 steps / ~1,958 miles

Siem Reap was an obvious stop for us in Cambodia– it’s the launching point for seeing Angkor Wat. Tony was still not feeling so hot, so I spent a lot more time walking around town than if we’d gone on tours everyday. It was hot (and occasional poured) but I found it to be quite walkable. It’s also very easy to catch one of the numerous tuktuks for just a dollar or two.

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5 days in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

TL;DR for our Phnom Penh Post:

  • Photos from Phnom Penh
  • Favorite Moments: Eating tarantulas, architecture walks
  • Walked:
    Here: 70,471 steps / ~35 miles
    in Total: 3,832,478 steps / ~1,916 miles

We flew direct from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia to Phnom Penh, and I’ll admit I was expecting the change from one of the richest countries in SE Asia to one of the poorest to be more of a culture shock. I’m not exactly sure what I expected, but being greeted by the city’s beautiful architecture like the Royal Palace, National Museum and many temples was a delight. Read More

Georgetown & Penang Island, Malaysia

TL;DR for our Penang Post:

  • Photos from Penang & Georgetown
  • Favorite Moments: butterfly farm, street food, Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion
  • Walked:
    Here: 392,212 steps / ~196 miles
    in Total: 3,762,007 steps / ~1,881 miles

We’d been making noise the entire trip about finding a place to settle down for a few weeks (or more) but it’d somehow never come together. Either we didn’t fall deeply in love with the place or we had an already-booked plane ticket that forced us to leave a place earlier than we might’ve liked.

But here we are, two weeks after arriving on Penang Island, wondering what the heck happened. THIS is the place we decide to hunker down? Read More

Snorkeling Bali Part 2: Nusa Lembongan & Candidasa

TL;DR for our Lembongan & Candidasa Post:

  • Photos from Nusa Lembongan / Candidasa
  • Favorite Moments: motor biking around, manta rays, hanging at The Beach Club, crazy boat trip to Candidasa
  • Walked:
    Here: 220,502 steps / ~110 miles
    in Total: 3,369,795 steps / ~1,685 miles

After Ubud, we were once again ready for some beach and snorkeling time.  We had read great things about the snorkeling sites around Nusa Lembongan where drift snorkeling is common and after our fantastic experience with this type of snorkeling around Menjangan Island we were excited to do it again.  We were also looking forward to a location by the sea where we could enjoy some great views.  Wanting to spend just a week on Nusa Lembongan, we decided that our final destination on Bali would be Candidasa where more snorkeling was possible. Read More

Our Favorite Photos: 9 Countries & 3,000,000 Steps of Travel

On our 123rd day of our travels we took our 3,000,000th step (tracked daily with our Jawbone Up pedometers).  In 123 days we’ve taken 47 taxis, 41 busses, 16 trains, 11 ferries, 11 planes, 3 rental cars, a handful of motor bikes, and exactly one hot-air balloon.  It’s been an amazing trip and we thought it’d be a good time to pick out our favorite photos.  Here they are, in reverse order (from Indonesia all the way back to May in Morocco!):

(note: you can click any of the images for a larger version and a description or you can head over to Flickr to see ’em all)

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Bali’s Cultural Epicenter – Ubud

TL;DR for our Ubud Post:

  • Photos from Ubud
  • Favorite Moments: Daily massage, varied cuisine, amazing carvings, monkeys
  • Walked:
    in Ubud: 115,951 steps / ~58 miles
    in Total: 3,149,295 steps / ~1574 miles

After centering our first couple of Bali destinations around beaches and snorkeling, we were ready to head inland to enjoy rice paddy and temple views.  Ubud is often described as Bali’s cultural center and known for its famous arts and crafts and remarkable architecture.  We found it welcoming and peaceful despite its sometimes busy streets.

We were determined in Ubud to find a guesthouse or hotel with descent internet (a challenge for us in Bali thus far) so we spent our first day switching locations and even testing out the signal in specific rooms until we were satisfied.  Still even our new hotel turned out to have its internet ups and downs, but it was well located for us in a quieter location near Monkey Forest and still close enough to restaurants and attractions to walk to everything. Read More

Snorkeling Bali: Pemuteran and Amed

TL;DR for our North Bali Post:

  • Photos from North Bali
  • Favorite Moments: Drift snorkeling Menjangan Island, Motor Biking, Underwater Temples, Nasi Campur for every meal
  • Walked:
    in North Bali: 96,137 steps / ~48 miles
    in Total: 3,033,295 steps / ~1516 miles

We’d done plenty of swimming in our four months (there was fabulous swimming off the rocks near Dubrovnik, Croatia and just jumping off the side of the boat on our sailing cruise along the Lycian Coast of Turkey). And we walked the sands of the Sahara. But in these months of non-stop travel, we’d magically managed to avoid hitting anyplace that had the sand/swimming combination that makes for a great beach. Read More

Post-Trek in Pokhara, Nepal

TL;DR for our Pokhara Post:

Our trek (12 days of non-stop mountain walking!) was over and, as you can imagine, we weren’t feeling terribly ambitious. We finished in @Pokhara, which is Nepal’s 3rd largest town with 250,000 people.

Pokhara is a beautiful area, but the town itself (like Kathmandu) is no prize. There are tons of small hotels, restaurants, and knock-off gear shops. Our plan was to circle back to the nice/cheap hotel we stayed at before our trek and just hang out for a few days before rafting. Read More

Trekking in the Clouds at Annapurna Base Camp

TL;DR for our Nepal Trek Post:

  • Photos from our Nepal Trek
  • Favorite Moments: Reaching the top, playing Hearts with our awesome guide, getting out of the “Leach Zone”
  • Walked:
    on the Trek: 399,456 steps / ~200 miles
    in Total: 2,831,722 steps / ~1416 miles

While I didn’t know exactly what it would be like, I had been looking forward to trekking in Nepal for a while. We had done some research in advance of our arrival and had a pretty good idea that we wanted to do the Annapurna Base Camp trek. We had also found a recommended agent (a licensed professional who helps with providing reputable guides, porters and getting your permits) through a guy who is the apparent online God of Nepal Travel (he’s on Virtual Tourist and TripAdvisor). We spent our first day in Kathmandu visiting our agent and buying a little needed gear (rain ponchos, warm gloves, and trekking poles) for the trek. Read More

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