About Us

Alex and Tony set out to travel the world on May 20 of 2013. The plan is to travel for a year, but it could stretch longer or wrap up sooner. We’re traveling as light as we can–about 20 pounds each. An embarrassing amount of those pounds are technology related (we call it selective minimalism). Our style of travel might be described as upscale backpacking (some people call it “flashpacking”) – we’re not staying in dorm-style hostels, but we’re avoiding 4-star hotels too (many/most of the places we’re visiting don’t have too many fancy hotels anyways).

tonyAbout Tony
Tony is a product leader (with a background in user-experience design and inbound marketing) who works in the wonderful world of software startups. He has founded 3 companies, been through Y Combinator, raised a series A from some of the coolest investors on the planet, and has sold somewhere between 2 and 4 companies (depending on your definition of “company” and your definition of “sell”). He’s also led product at companies backed by Sequoia, True Ventures, and Redpoint.

He was born in Iowa, was raised in Maryland, fled the civilized world to Alaska, and somewhat recently found himself living in Seattle (with occasional short stints in Silicon Valley and Los Angeles).

He loves traveling, cooking, reading, sailing, computer games, writing, and geeking out on the internet. He’s been a blogger on the trail for the Iditarod, has solo’d in a Cessna, has killed and eaten the better part of a moose, has been buried in a snow cave, has been a lead singer in a ska band, has competively shot pistols and shotguns, and has remodeled a house from the studs with Alex.

alexAbout Alex
Before her life of travel, Alex was Director of Philanthropy at the Trust for Public Land, which has capped off a long career in non-profit fundraising. She’s also worked for Big Brothers Big Sisters and Planned Parenthood.

Originally from Alaska, Alex spent her youth cross-country skiing, fishing, camping and flying around in a Cessna 180 with her adventurous parents, who both had their pilot’s license.  In addition they took Alex on trips to Japan, Mexico, Hawaii, New Zealand, the Bahamas and other far away lands where she began to learn just how big the world really is.

After seven years in Seattle she still heads home to Alaska every summer with an empty cooler which has never failed to be full of salmon on her return. While in Seattle, she raises bees and chickens, makes cheese, smokes salmon, gardens enthusiastically, pickles and cans many things and enjoys cooking.