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Author: Tony

Venice on the Cheap

TL;DR for our Venice Post: Photos from Venice Favorite Moments: Nonstop Aperol Spritzes, meeting friends from afar, wandering away from the tourist mobs Walked: in Venice: 91,440 steps / ~45 miles in Total: 1,623,546 steps / ~811 miles Venice was not on the itinerary when we started our trip. But in one of many “holy […]

A 3-Day Blitz in Split

TL;DR for our Split Post: Photos from Split Favorite Moments: Wandering Diocletian’s Palace, swimming in Marjan Park, the waterfront at night Walked: in Split: 58,124 steps / ~28 miles in Total: 1,436,482 steps / ~718 miles Split has a bit of a reputation for being a stopover point for other Croatian destinations. It’s a real-live […]

A Guide to Prague & the 100 Gram Screw

TL;DR for our Prague Post: Photos from Prague Favorite Moments: Walking to and enjoying the Zoo, eating Indian food, gawking at buildings, and walking the river Walked: in Prague: 189,777 steps / ~95 miles in Total: 1,205,401 steps / ~602 miles Our slightly peculiar itinerary took a northward jump to the Czech Republic a few […]

1 Million steps in: reflections on long term travel

We’re both wearing Jawbone Up bands, which are simple little bracelets that quietly measure your steps and sleep without any input. Yesterday, we paddled 12 miles down the Vltava River and then hiked back to Cesky Krumlov over the Klet mountain (a record-smashing 64,321 steps for the day, plus paddling!). Sometime during that excursion, we […]

Ten Days in Spain

If you were going to imagine a country designed by a 17 year old male, Spain would be it– and I mean that in the most complimentary way possible. Here’s a quick frequently-asked-questions-by-17-year-olds primer for Spain.

Going Slow in Essaouira, Morocco

TL;DR for our Essaouira Post: Our Photos from Essaouira Favorite Moments: Beach camels, stuffed sardines, private, Gnaoua concern, Game of Thrones double-take scenery Walked: in Essaouira: 182,487 steps / ~91 miles in Total: 355,459 steps / ~178 miles Essaouira was the first town in our trip where we took a deep breath and settled in […]

A Brief but Eventful Stop in Marrakech

TL;DR for our Marrakech Post: Favorite Moments: feeling healthy & leaving Marrakech! Walked: in Marrakech: 16,296 steps / ~8 miles in Total: 189,268 steps / ~95 miles “If you come to the bathroom, you might want to wear your flip-flops,” I heard through the curtain that served as the bathroom door, “I think my puke […]

Tinghir & the Todra Gorge (2 days!)

TL;DR for our Todra Post: Our Photos from Tinghir & the Todra Gorge Favorite Moments: hiking the gorge, running across Berber nomads Walked: in Tinghir: 53,956 steps / ~28 miles in Total: 172,972 steps / ~87 miles Alex did most of the research for our three weeks in Morocco and it showed– we were hitting […]

Camel Toes & Baby Foxes in The Sahara

(no time for reading? ┬áHere are our favorite photos from the Sahara) TL;DR for our Sahara Post: Our Photos from Merzouga & the Sahara Favorite Moments: staring at the dunes with mouths agape, getting off the damn camels for the last time, seeing baby foxes. Walked: in the Sahara: 32,821 steps / ~16 miles in […]

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