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Pre-Trek in Bhaktapur & Kathmandu (Nepal!)

TL;DR for our Pre-Trek: Photos from Bhaktapur Favorite Moments: Cow festival mini-parades, wandering Bhaktapur Walked: on the Trek: 65,994 steps / ~33 miles in Total: 2,386,744 steps / ~1,693 miles Nepal was definitely an Alex-driven destination (“hiking for 12 days in a row?! How awesome!”), but I was game. One of our good friends said […]

Monkeys, Mudslides and Monsoons – Oh My!

TL;DR for our Northern India Post: Photos from Mussoorie & Rishikesh Favorite Moments: Monkeys(!), Indian food, clown-car cab ride, getting celebrity status for being white, bridges in Rishikesh Walked: in India: 156,972 steps / ~78 miles in Total: 2,320,750 steps / ~1160 miles After our month in Turkey, our plan was originally to head to […]

Istanbul (our favorite big city so far!)

TL;DR for our Istanbul Post: Photos from Istanbul Favorite Moments: Blue Mosque at night, breakfast menemen, water taxis, Kanlica, and Kadikoy Walked: in Istanbul: 133,636 steps / ~67 miles in Total: 2,188,732 steps / ~1094 miles Istanbul was the spot where we finished our (outstanding!) month in Turkey and it didn’t disappoint. But it did […]

Balloons and Fairy Chimneys in Cappadocia

TL;DR for our Cappadocia Post: Photos from Cappadocia Favorite Moments: Balloon ride, stumbling onto a tunnel in Sword Valley, cool evenings Walked: in Cappadocia: 113,718 steps / ~57 miles in Total: 2,055,096 steps / ~1026 miles When we first decided that Turkey was on our destination list one of the reasons was the photos we […]

Lycian Coast of Turkey: A Blue Cruise

TL;DR for our Blue Cruise Post: Photos from the gullet cruise Favorite Moments: Leaping off the boat to cool off, kayaking, sea turtles, sleeping on deck, exploring Kalekoy Walked: on the cruise: 74,202 steps / ~37 miles in Total: 1,813,330 steps / ~906 miles Turkey is a huge country compared to the places we’ve visited […]

Venice on the Cheap

TL;DR for our Venice Post: Photos from Venice Favorite Moments: Nonstop Aperol Spritzes, meeting friends from afar, wandering away from the tourist mobs Walked: in Venice: 91,440 steps / ~45 miles in Total: 1,623,546 steps / ~811 miles Venice was not on the itinerary when we started our trip. But in one of many “holy […]

Natural Highlight of the trip (so far!): Plitvice Park in Croatia

TL;DR for our Plitvice Post: Photos from Plitvice Favorite Moments: Wandering the upper lakes, randomly meeting friends there, having it to ourselves in the early AM Walked: in Plitvice: 194,583 steps / ~98 miles in Total: 1,532,106 steps / ~766 miles I’ll start by saying that we enjoyed Plitvice Lakes National Park (pronounced “pleet veech uh”) […]

A 3-Day Blitz in Split

TL;DR for our Split Post: Photos from Split Favorite Moments: Wandering Diocletian’s Palace, swimming in Marjan Park, the waterfront at night Walked: in Split: 58,124 steps / ~28 miles in Total: 1,436,482 steps / ~718 miles Split has a bit of a reputation for being a stopover point for other Croatian destinations. It’s a real-live […]

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