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Kutná Hora – a town of medieval bones & silver

Early in our research of interesting places to visit in the Czech Republic we came across the small town (pop. 21,000) of Kutná Hora less than an hour train ride from Prague. What caught our eye was its “Bone Church” (the Kostnice Ossuary), but it has so much more to offer including a UNESCO noteworthy […]

A Guide to Prague & the 100 Gram Screw

TL;DR for our Prague Post: Photos from Prague Favorite Moments: Walking to and enjoying the Zoo, eating Indian food, gawking at buildings, and walking the river Walked: in Prague: 189,777 steps / ~95 miles in Total: 1,205,401 steps / ~602 miles Our slightly peculiar itinerary took a northward jump to the Czech Republic a few […]

Cesky Krumlov: castles, floods & bears oh my!

TL;DR for our Cesky Krumlov Post: Photos from Cesky Krumlov Favorite Moments: Rafting the Vltava, discovering pork knuckle, wandering the town Walked: in Krumlov: 256,975 steps / ~128 miles in Total: 1,015,624 steps / ~507 miles Visiting Prague and the Czech Republic had been in our trip plans since the very beginning, but when we […]

So you want to travel to Morocco

This is our first in a series of “So you want to travel to…” posts.  It’s surprising how hard-fought this knowledge was to acquire, so we figured we could put together a post that might make it a little easier for the next folks who might go.  Questions are welcome in the comments! Throughout our […]