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So you want to travel to Morocco

This is our first in a series of “So you want to travel to…” posts.  It’s surprising how hard-fought this knowledge was to acquire, so we figured we could put together a post that might make it a little easier for the next folks who might go.  Questions are welcome in the comments! Throughout our […]

Tales of the sea & lion dentists in Oualidia

TL;DR for our Oualidia Post: Our Photos from Oualidia Favorite Moments: Secret beach with seafood harvesting, watching Ana haggle for fish on the beach, hanging with Spaniards Walked: in Oualidia: 62,410 steps / ~31x miles in Total: 417,869 steps / ~209 miles (this post is written by Alex!) Oualidia was definitely a town right up […]

Going Slow in Essaouira, Morocco

TL;DR for our Essaouira Post: Our Photos from Essaouira Favorite Moments: Beach camels, stuffed sardines, private, Gnaoua concern, Game of Thrones double-take scenery Walked: in Essaouira: 182,487 steps / ~91 miles in Total: 355,459 steps / ~178 miles Essaouira was the first town in our trip where we took a deep breath and settled in […]

A Brief but Eventful Stop in Marrakech

TL;DR for our Marrakech Post: Favorite Moments: feeling healthy & leaving Marrakech! Walked: in Marrakech: 16,296 steps / ~8 miles in Total: 189,268 steps / ~95 miles “If you come to the bathroom, you might want to wear your flip-flops,” I heard through the curtain that served as the bathroom door, “I think my puke […]

Tinghir & the Todra Gorge (2 days!)

TL;DR for our Todra Post: Our Photos from Tinghir & the Todra Gorge Favorite Moments: hiking the gorge, running across Berber nomads Walked: in Tinghir: 53,956 steps / ~28 miles in Total: 172,972 steps / ~87 miles Alex did most of the research for our three weeks in Morocco and it showed– we were hitting […]

Camel Toes & Baby Foxes in The Sahara

(no time for reading?  Here are our favorite photos from the Sahara) TL;DR for our Sahara Post: Our Photos from Merzouga & the Sahara Favorite Moments: staring at the dunes with mouths agape, getting off the damn camels for the last time, seeing baby foxes. Walked: in the Sahara: 32,821 steps / ~16 miles in […]

4 Days in the Fez Medina

TL;DR for our Fez Post: Sped up video of the route from the Medina Gate to our Inn Our Photos from Fez Insane Map of the Medina Favorite Moments: wandering the Medina (market), Cooking Classes and Gnaoua Concert at Cafe Clock (video), fresh squeezed orange juice for 50 cents. Walked: in Fez: 70,814 steps / […]