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Monkeys, Mudslides and Monsoons – Oh My!

TL;DR for our Northern India Post: Photos from Mussoorie & Rishikesh Favorite Moments: Monkeys(!), Indian food, clown-car cab ride, getting celebrity status for being white, bridges in Rishikesh Walked: in India: 156,972 steps / ~78 miles in Total: 2,320,750 steps / ~1160 miles After our month in Turkey, our plan was originally to head to […]

Bon Voyage

Welcome to 50 Million Steps, where we’ll be chronicling our 1(ish) year trip around the world. I thought it’d be worthwhile to write down a few operating rules for the blog to help manage your (presumably lofty) expectations. ¬†We’re writing this blog for a few audiences. First, for friends, family, and strangers who want to […]